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Below you can find one of the most common type of Negro Marquina marble available in the market.

Negro Marquina marble

Negro Marquina marble


The Negro Marquina is a black coloured marble that is extracted in Spain, with fine grain and occasional areas with white vein and fossils remains. | Description

Recommended Use

The types of applications that have given the most credit to this marble are found in flooring (either exterior or interior), staircases, cladding and coverings.  | Applications

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Negro Marquina recommended finishing

The Negro Marquina is a reference black marble from Spain, with a good history and reference projects done in several parts of the world. It is also a marble that can adapt well to certain types of finishings, according to the project needs.

Negro Marquina commercial names

The Negro Marquina is a black coloured marble from Spain, with considerable demand all over the world. Despite its fairly small market quote within the marble industry, this marble is a reference black marble worldwide and a first grade choice for several projects.